Feb 11, 2013

three little babies

three little babies that we've watched grow and have loved. three little babies that love their uncle ian without expectation. three little babies that ask why uncle ian isn't with aunt rara when she stops by after work. three little babies that don't see a tbi but see an uncle who tells them stories about a boy named paladin who drives a green chevy on route 66.

three little babies that teach me how to love.


Unknown said...

Beautiful...innocence and faith like a child...Love it!
Williamsport, PA

Denise said...

Thank God for the gift of child-like love and FAITH in your lives. (They're beautiful!)
Sioux City, IA

Anonymous said...

Children see things so differently - my daughter talks to her Dad (who's in a hospice and rarely communicates) as if he's sat in a chair and fully focused on her! It has changed the way we talk to him....