Dec 3, 2012

from drywall to suite

tonight as i continued to read through old blog posts as i wrote, this caught my eye. it caught my eye because Steve and Mary were so involved in the planning on this room, the design of this room, the amount of sunlight for this room. our church built this room. Steve had talked that maybe one day it would be a space that ian and i could live in together, married. he talked about how we could maybe get a little kitchenette, and make it work. 

our suite doesn't have a kitchenette, but it does work. it's become a place of respite as we write.


Anonymous said...

It was wonderful seeing you two on Sunday :-) With continued prayers, your friend in Christ,Rene

Heather-Lynn said...

Hi Larissa and Ian,

I love all the windows! The natural light must be so pretty :)

I've been reading your blog and praying for you both since I saw the video "Desiring God" put out in May. Thank you for sharing your story to bless me and so many. I'm from California (although living in FL right now) and I just thought I would share with you about Frank Pastore. He is a Christian radio show host in Los Angeles who got in an accident on the freeway on his way home from recording last month. Anyways, this may be far out, but I thought it could be cool if you could connect with Frank Pastore's wife who is also a Christian and going through a similar thing that you have gone through... here is a link of a short interview that was done with Mrs. Pastore after the accident....

Blessings to Ian and You this holiday season! Heather-Lynn

Anonymous said...

Bless you both. Let God's tender mercies envelope you, and walk in His Favor. He is the Great Light,my friends.

every blessing,

Leslie Dawn said...

"And there were windows in three rows, and light was against light in three ranks."~1 Kings 7:4 Love & Light...all you need!~Love,Leslie Dawn☼