Dec 26, 2012

it's white

Very messy roads led us to and from Christmas as we ventured around the state. 
Especially tonight, as we followed in a line of cars after too many miles of 
making the first tracks like above, I was so comforted by the other travelers. 
We were all just trying to get somewhere, and get there safely.

comfort of other drivers like comfort from others walking, running or crawling throughg life with us. That's what we had this Christmas. Just time with our families. 



abbi said...

fellow travelers are a comfort. <3 May God bring you much peace this coming year.

Anonymous said...

I & L, Time with families is one of the best parts of Christmas. Other than remembering the birth of our Lord and Savior! We had a beautiful candlelight service in our new church building this year. Was a wonderful way to begin the celebration of His birth!
Love and prayers, Rene