Dec 30, 2012


Desiring God ministries, the group that released this video of us earlier this spring, just released the top 25 of their blog posts for 2012, based on readership. at the top of the list was one of ours, and was viewed more than any other post.

and as we sit here, listening to a christmas album on vinyl, looking at the posters of notes for our book taped all along our wall, we wonder what God is up to. it doesn't make sense that so many people would be drawn to our story. in our newly re-arranged suite, the hours and days and months coming up are unknown. the work that God is creating in our families is unknown. but if it's anything like 2012, it's going to be surprising.



Anonymous said...

I & L, It might not make sense to you; but it does to those of us who know you. You always give of the gifts you have recieved from God, our Father. He has blessed you and, in turn, you bless us. May you continue to do that - for we all need it. With much love in Christ and daily prayers. Your friend, Rene

Abigail Cashelle said...

I love the idea of taping the book outline to the wall. I might have to steal that for my dissertation!!! (Note to self: put this with notes for the proposal due in a few months.)

People are always drawn to stories of human resilience. For me, I continue to be impressed and encouraged by your brutal honesty and the ways in which God has taken care of you. It's refreshing to watch you learn what things really matter, especially when you lose so much that we young people hold dear. As a person with my own chronic health condition, I see ordinary humans trusting in God, in each other, in community, and in medicine for joy, for peace, for meaning through whatever life has to offer. That means a lot.

with love,