Nov 7, 2012

on ian

it's been awhile since we've done an update on ian's health. slow and steady continues to be the way of life. ian attends physical therapy twice a week and speech twice as well. he's gaining strength from physical therapy - walking with assistance has been the main focus.

other than strength in walking, we don't have any tremendous goals that we've set forth. we continue to work with him at home on annunciation and short term memory - all things that when gaining in those areas, affects so much of our lives.

please continue to pray that ian's memory would improve and that his legs would become more and more ready for walking.

this appears to be what the rest of our lives may look like, but we want to keep hopeful that more progress could be made, even so far after his injury.

thank you, always



Melinda said...

This post touches upon a reality that lots of families of persons with brain injuries face - when do you accept that the progress made is nearly all the progress that can made? That this is what your life now looks like? It's an exercise in trusting God that He's set good boundary lines (hard!), believing God's promises of grace are true (hard!) and persevering with patience (hard, hard, hard!).

Anonymous said...

Scripture tells us the Jesus Himself intercedes on our behalf and the the Holy Spirit prays in groans that we can' understand.

Thank you for letting us know your specific requests.

Still Praying.

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

will continue to pray for ian's progress in walking and speech and memory, and larissa as you go through this journey with him

Lindsay said...

The Holy Spirit indeed intercedes for us, praise God for it! Praying for you always, and agreeing for strength of walk and memory.

Bless you both,