Nov 24, 2012

fake and found

we recently found an old blog that ian had started in 2005. it's filled with fake excerpts from books, short stories from ian that are incredible to read and hilarious and prove, once again, that he is a much better writer than me.

Excerpt from the book "Raising Tide Of Worry Or Doubt"
'"Have you ever had anything published?", She asked as she twirled her finger in her artificially red hair. A look of boredom permeated the young, swart faced writer's body language, "Yeah, I have. I just finished my second fiction novel." Enthralled with the subject of conversation, she asked what the hardest part of "making a novel" was. He responded, while pointlessly fiddling with the decorative cloth napkin on the table, that he felt that dialogue was the most difficult part of writing a novel. He explained that he thought that adjectives unfortunately seemed to be going the way of the dinosaur when it came to young people's every day conversation. "That is like, so true. I'm like...ugh, so true. You have so much like, you know, true stuff to say." This was the first thing his date had said all night that he had agreed with.'


Too Much Music said...

wow! I hope you will be sharing more of these! This one is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this excerpt!
My sister and I like writing fiction, but neither of us have ever completed a book. I have a folder with little excerpts from various books I had going in my head, but I had never thought about creating a blog! I enjoyed reading this posting!
Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Love in Christ, Whitney M.

Heather Harwood said...

LOL!! That is, like, so, umm, funny.

Anonymous said...

Fun reading! :)

Beth @A Little Country House said...

very funny,keep sharing!

Shelley said...

Like ... hillarious!!!