Nov 29, 2012

another good one

mary and i recently read "The Devil in Pew Number Seven" separately and had a little bit of trouble putting it down. it attracted me in the book store because it didn't look like the other Christian books surrounding it. i've also been looking for other memoirs to help me form my words and inspire our words and help build our story.

what happened in rebecca's life is unreal.

the forgiveness she continually extends is unreal.

you can download it here.


Stacy said...

I have been wanting to read this one...I am waiting for the price to drop some. You need to read Terror by Night by Terry Caffey it is a true stories. And so much love and forgiveness in his heart.

Anonymous said...

Great, im going to put this on my Christmas List.
Now can I reccomend one for you?
A new name by Emma Scrivener. This lady gave testimony at our London Womens Convention (Evangelical)in England. I didnt buy the book but after many good reviews and friends convincing me to get it I did and I am so glad! I am givng it out for friends Chrismas prezzies!
Although the book is on anorexia (I dont struggle with this) I found it incredibly moving and touching at my own issues of control and perfectionism etc and Gods grace to us.
I cant reccomend it enough xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks to your post I just ordered this read from my library.
Wendy in MD

MyMissD said...

I've read this book it is a good one I would recomend it to anyone!

Anonymous said...

Must read: House of Prayer #2, Mark Richard. Achingly poignant memoir on pain, disability, grace and life. Brought me to tears

Jess said...

This book is amazing and Becky is even more amazing. I've known her for years (she goes to my church). Every bit of her testimony of forgiveness is absolutely true to her nature. I was so excited to see you blogged about this book!