Oct 23, 2012

Wednesdays are for fasting

Soon after Ian's accident, our church started fasting for him regularly on Wednesdays. I've tried to keep that schedule over the years.

Recently Jen and I have been fasting from social media each week. It seems silly, but it serves to prompt many prayers.

If you'd like, we'd love for anyone to join us. Fast from chocolate, or all foods, or anything that serves as a reminder to pray.

Specific requests: that Ian would grow strength in walking and that we would know God's love more each day.

Thank you.



Anonymous said...

I try to pray for you both every day. My health regimine is like a full time fast till I loose 20% of the goal. God's using this disapline to help me think better. Now I just need to tape my mouth & pray before I speak ;-)~Love, Leslie Dawn

Heidi said...

I had been regularly fasting on Wednesdays too shortly after the accident but like so many things, I forgot and stopped. SO thanks for the reminder! I will be fasting again on Weds.
Have a great day with Ian and the Lord!
Love in Christ, Heidi

Anonymous said...

great idea!! i will join. =)

Bethany G. said...

God has been teaching me many things recently; I never understood the importance of fasting until this week. I fasted some on Tuesday. I am going to join you weekly in fasting every Wednesday. I am praying for salvation for my AWANA kids; I work with on them every Wednesday night. I will also be praying for both of you now as well. Thank you for allowing us to accompany you both on your journey in life. God is growing me through many of your posts!I am greatly encouraged by your unending support and love for each other. May God keep blessing you both as you bless others!