Oct 29, 2012

trying to change it up

stay with us while we try to redesign the blog:) it feels like it's time for a change, but my html knowledge is absolutely minimal.

hoping to get some new posts out this week!!

keep dry, everyone on the east coast!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Dear Larissa. I have enjoyed reading your blog
posts over the past few months. As many readers of your blog
seem to indicate by their comments, I found out about you
after your story was featured on the Desiring God website. Over the weeks and months since then, I have checked in with you fairly often. Your story, your life has impacted me. Please know that the Lord is already using your lives for His glory.
Your "blog make over" picture caught me off guard. Why? Because
I suddenly see, in a way that I had not, that the temporary
difficulties I meet up with are not exclusive to me. Of course,
this is obvious, but some things I think I know, the Lord wisely shows
me in a different light, revealing to me that I did not really know them.
My family and I are blessed to live a very short distance from
my only living grandparents. The Lord has allowed them to still be able to live alone despite the fact that they are in their eighties. My grandfather has been confined to a wheelchair for almost two years now and my grandmother has faithfully cared for him herself (with minimal help from us), even though medical professionals urged her to put him in a home. (At this, she informed them, "He already has a home." knowing full-well what this statement might mean.)
Recently, my grandmother has been sick and more of my grandfather's care has fallen to us. Ashamedly I say that I have had less than Christlike thoughts toward this,..yes,.. this blessing.
How beautiful are the selfless hands that help another in Christ's love!
May the Lord richly bless you! He has used you greatly in my life!
In Christ's Love that binds us,

Whitney M.

Anonymous said...

It's looking good so far! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the new look!

Mary Ann K.

Liz said...

Love it!

Liz, UK