Sep 23, 2012

i would

it was 3:00 in the morning, a very light and tired night, heading to bed.

"ian, i wasn't being very respectful of you tonight. will you forgive me?"

"yes. why were you having trouble?"

"just not responding well to your brain injury."

"you know that i would change it if i could, right?"

he's so good to me.


Leslie Dawn said...

I know you are willing to be spent for the Lord Larissa♥ You do well as you take this humble/grateful attitude. I don't know what my husband is thinking. But I can rest in knowing that God knows both our hearts. "All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the LORD weigheth the spirits." ~Proverbs 16:2

Anonymous said...

I have a young daughter with a TBI and this brought tears to my eyes. It will help me to remember that she would change it if she could. Thank you for sharing your experiences, you bring so much light to others.

Praying for you both in MA.


Unknown said...

He is such a good man...a Godly man. And you are a good woman...a Godly woman. Human nature to dwell on the negative, but God promises us that He'll set us free from all of that.
Amber Dreese
Williamsport, PA

Yearning for Home... said...

Such a sweet picture :) I will be praying for ya'll

Leslie Dawn said...

Life is precious, Our almost 26 y.o.Laurie whose in a coma these 5 1/2 years at home is having trouble with a cold & congestion which is not easy. Dear Larissa & Ian, we all are just mere imperfect humans with a daily need for cleansing. We all truely need Him every hour. I do love you two♥♥

Kimberly said...

Such a precious conversation. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

this brought tears to my eyes. thank you; your writing here is always such an encouragement. I shared Psalm 13 with a friend today, and would like to share it with you :)