Aug 1, 2012


We finally submitted our book proposals. One giant step toward our upcoming writing project.

Next up? Getting our house packed up and ready to move into one bedroom at Mary's house.


Jocelyn said...

Yes!! Congratulations you guys!!


Trish said...

How exciting for you both!
Many blessings upon your writing and your upcoming move!
love in Jesus..Trish xx

Heather Harwood said...

You've already sold a copy to me! :) Have you read "Hinds' Feet on High Places"? I found it on my grandma's bookshelf last week. Wow. It's one of those books I try to read slowly, because I don't want to reach the end. God has been speaking to me so much through this book about my fears, and the wisdom of His plans for my life. Have a blessed and restful weekend.

Leslie Dawn said...

Wow is God in control or what :-) I was just thinking; "I wonder if Larissa is done with her book." And here it is. And you are moving. Wow, God is at work in your lives Ian & Larissa♫~Love & Prayers, Leslie

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! So excited for you guys!!!!