Aug 18, 2012


"Im glad you didn't die in your car accident six years ago."

"I'm glad too because I get to be next to you. I'm so glad I'm alive. Because of you."

Can't really ask for a sweeter Saturday morning.

Love him


Katy~The Country Blossom said...

You both warm my heart, truly! Are you guys thinking about doing any more videos in the future? :)

mercygraceword said...

I'm so thankful you share your story.
Not sure if you're aware of a brother in Christ named Kim Buttram in West Virginia - had recovered from a brain tumour but was struck by a car July 4th of this year and is still semi-comatose - here is a link to a bit about his story, and a wonderful message he preached several years ago after brain surgery.
Thinking you two would pray for him and his family with empathy.

Pray for Ian said...

hi katy! we don't have any videos planned now but maybe someday in the future:)

Leah E. said...

This is beautiful. :)
I can just really see the love of God in your lives.

I'm still praying. <3