Aug 14, 2012

see them

Desiring God has released a new e book on disability. It is geared toward pastors, but has affected my heart just a few pages in. Click on our right link to DG to download.

An excerpt, that we all need, because my Ian, and so many other beautiful, disabled people are deeply loved by God and need to be hemmed in by others:

"And I would just plead in passing—children, young people, and adults—see people with disabilities. And I don’t mean see them like the priest and the Levite on the Jericho Road, passing by on the other side. This is our natural reflex—see and avoid. But we are not natural people. We are followers of Jesus. We have the Spirit of Jesus in our hearts. We have been seen and touched in all our brokenness by an attentive, merciful Savior.

If you want to be one of the most remarkable kinds of human beings on the planet—a Jesus kind—see people with disabilities. See them. And move toward them. God will show you what to say."


Anonymous said...

This post is so timely. I passed an old man with his wife in the grocery store today and he had a bandage on his leg and was limping with a cane.
As I walked passed him I felt sad that he had hurt his leg and felt a tug on my heart to just voice it to him....but I didn't...then I read your post and wished I had. In the area I live, people no longer seem to even say hello to you when you walk by them. When they do, it is a treat. So tonight I'm reminded to, once again, offer a hello to others; even if no one else is doing it. Say a word of encouragement or concern to a stranger, even if you aren't sure it will be well received.
Thanks for the good reminder to reach out to others and show the love of Jesus; even in simple ways that we/I often neglect because I'm too wrapped up in my sinful selfishness.
Wendy in MD

Jane Peterson, Duncanville, TX said...

Thank you for referencing the ebook on your blog. I am so grateful for you & Ian, for your faithfulness & steadfastness & commitment to each other, & also for bringing disability (and ABILITY) out into the light. I have prayed for you both since your video appeared on the DG website. Grateful to learn from you. said...

Peace dear Larissa

You say,
We are not natural people,we are followers of Jesus
Our loved Piper says something like this,
Christian life is supernatural, if it is not, then it is not Christian at all.
YOur blogs are for me a reminder of this since I see in you both this supernatural life, I see Acts 29..
Thanks to you and to God

I pray for you both

MAy His grace be with you both

Barcelona, Spain

Anonymous said...

As a disabled person myself, I can identify with being dismissed by able bodied people. I often struggle with finding ways that I can glorify God in my broken body. This is a deep spiritual struggle for me. I loved reading this excerpt and I have loved reading your blog. You and Ian are an inspiration to me.

Amy in AZ

Susie of said...

This is amazing! Thank you for this timely encouragement! So well said! I am still praying for Ian!

Natalie Bryson said...

Thank you for this post. My dad passed away 5 years ago with Alzheimer's at age 55. While he did not APPEAR disabled, he still was the victim of some stares and nasty comments. What a hurtful time that was. It is so important to see people. All kinds of people.

Natalie from Mississippi

Amanda said...

Thank you for your post. I have a sister who has cerebral palsy, and am all too familiar with the looks and the stares. I have enjoyed reading your blog and will be praying for both you and Ian today, and in the future. I pray his results are positive. God's Blessing on you both!

By His Grace,