Jul 12, 2012


my post is very simple tonight. I totally love this guy. That's all.


Anonymous said...

Larissa, this has got to be one of the most beautiful posts you've written. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

So do we!
Love you-
Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

Yeahbut, what about the little critter on his shirt? :-)

Mary Ann K.

P.S. Sweet post!

Heather Harwood said...

He looks pretty happy with you, too!

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog after discovering you about a month ago. I cannot tell you how inspiring it is to see your love for each other and to know it is only by the power of Christ that you are able to do this.

After 41 years of single life, I have recently begun a serious relationship with a man that I never knew. Mutual friends thought we should meet, so we did. It looks huge some days to think of loving this man. But after reading your testimony, I am confident that with the Lord's help, I can go forward in this relationship and learn to love him...

God's glory is shining through you!