Jun 9, 2012

power of the home

we were recently asked to write two guest blog posts for Power of the Home. Our first ran this week - you can check it out here. look for post two later this week!

Power of the Home


Kristy said...

I loved this post...as always, thank you for sharing your story - it inspires and encourages, and always draws us closer to God :)

Anonymous said...

Larissa - I have been (silently) following your story for years and when I saw your story in this week's WORLD Magazine, I felt like I was seeing dear friends. Thank you for doing the story and sharing with so many new people! You are often on my heart and I am thankful to God for you and Ian and your entire support network.

Anonymous said...

Hello Larissa, I found your blog today thanks to your guest posts and I tell you, this has been one of my blessings today. The love you and Steve share and everything you have been through inspiring, and such a good example about loving above everything else. I am so looking forward to reading more, and praying for your family.