Jun 16, 2012

a daily influence

Ian is my best friend. The majority of my thoughts throughout the day somehow involve Ian, especially when it comes to planning or scheduling or who I want to see at 4:30 when I get home.

But I'm not sure how many of those thoughts adequately answer this question by Paul Tripp:

"how do I daily influence the way my spouse thinks about himself, God and life?"

What a beautiful calling and responsibility we both have to each other. When I get up in the morning, I could whine to Ian about not wanting to have a job anymore, or I could read him a verse. When I'm tired at night I could be selfish and just turn over to fall asleep or I could ask him to pray for our marriage. Instead of wasting time
online we could go on a walk and see God in his creation.

We are to each other the most important relationship for cultivating a tender heart and disposition for the Lord.

Praying for just the strength to do that.



Raluca Stefan said...

I cannot agree more, Larissa. I read a beautiful and well-written article about our influence on those around us yesterday, so I recommend it to you: http://www.lightbearers.org/why-you-matter-so-much/

Been reading your blog for quite a few years and I praise God for your Christ-like love. I know that it comes from Him because He is the only source.

May you abide in Him and may He be your source of power and strength.

Pretty lady said...

You never cease to inspire me to seek God in all my relationships.

Leslie Dawn said...

Thank you for that encouragement for me Larissa! You hit the nail on the head! ...wasting time online. When I could take time ministering to our daughter in a coma. And our son whom I homeschool. My husband & family. Praying along with you for strength to do just that♥ BTW, I had a close friend watch Laurie. Sometimes I long to be able to click on a Joni And Friends.com Video on comas to help my friends understand that Laurie is not an empty shell. It hurts so much & the mother bear rises. I have to quieten it & remember that they don't have a clue. Even Joni humbled herself & did a program on her life as a quadraplegic. Where she was transparent, showing her start her day & how dependant she is on others to care for her basic needs. Yeah, today I need a hug from God.

Anonymous said...

yes! your "I could"s resounded in me, bigtime - and I, too, pray for the strength to be a wife of tenderest heart and Godly disposition -

thanks and prayers,


We desafidos daily! But the mercies of the Lord Jesus also renew themselves and so we won, from faith to faith! God help us
Heloisa Paulino-Brazil

Dana said...

Just found your blog and all I have to say is wow...it all made me cry. God bless you two. I pray much joy and happiness fills each day!