Feb 14, 2012

his love

even as he laid in the hospital beds, unable to open his eyes, raise a finger or even open his mouth, he knew me. We would watch the quickening heart monitor, and later his gaze as it followed me down the hallways, and eventually his voice speaking "I love you." he always showed us that he had not forgotten me.

and now as my husband, he is the same. Speaking little, it is always gentle and often delightfully mocking. He loves me well and he loves despite my selfishness and his own sin.

and even as many things seem to continue to be removed from us, we have gained Christ further through our marriage. I am so grateful we had that courage under the chandelier that August.

Happy valentines day to my dear husband. My love to you always,



kelley said...

we've never met in real life, but I've followed your blog for a while and have told your love story (from what I've gathered through blog posts) to so many people. it's one of the best pictures of the gospel on earth that I've ever come across. I look forward to the book :)

Barbara said...

indeed, a book!

Nickie said...

Like Kelley, we've never met in person but I'd like for you to know how beautiful I find your love for each other and for the Lord. There aren't words that would do either love justice.

Leslie Dawn said...

...inspiring is what God is doing through you two love birds♥♥