Jan 11, 2012


He has a right arm that houses two metal plates and his mind has no control over getting it to move. So it stays still for most of the day unless being stretched. His right knee is fused in place at a slight angle and is beyond full repair because the damage is so deep. He has deep, deep scars on his scalp, his left arm also has plates, and he can't tell you what he ate by the time I'm washing his dishes. Everything he does is slower and harder than it used to be. But he is the happiest person that I know and he is the most forgiving husband I could ask for. He never speaks to me in anger and always wants to spend time with me. And when I look at his scarred body from that dumb accident, thoughts drift to heaven and his waiting treasures, for I'm sure there will be many.

Thank you, always.



abbi said...

much love and prayers

Anonymous said...

Speechless is what I am after reading that post. Speechless is what I was after leaving the card store empty handed. How does a daughter pick out a card for her father just diagnosed with cancer. How do I attempt to encourage you when I truly can't comprehend your breaking heart as you see the one you love suffer and struggle. I can only imagine the pain you both feel and it makes me cry. Crying out to Jesus is about all we can do and it probably is exactly what He wants us to do, daily, hourly, minute by minute as we wait for Him to take us home.
Wendy in MD

Anonymous said...

Ian and you WILL have many crowns!

...someday, we will have new bodies and all of us will be whole.
And for the first time in decades, I will be able to wear a dress because my legs will be healed.
Until That Day, remember that Jesus's body had scars, too.

Still praying.

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

Oh Larissa, such a beautiful thought! I remember - when my Mom was living with me in her final days -(she was so broken from severe osteoporosis). I would tell her; "Mom soon the pain will be gone, you will be walking AND running!" She smiled her beautiful smile, and I know that now she is running and praising God and her body is no longer broken. Gives me such joy to know that. One day, Ian will do the same - this we believe - this we know! One day!
With continued prayers,
Your friend in Christ, Rene

Leslie Dawn said...

I love your grateful heart Lalissa♥)) Good to be back here looking over your shoulder. Love & Prayers. ~Leslie

deb said...

Oh, Larissa-
I know, I know. It is so hard. BUT- the brain is one amazing organ. It will surprise you when you least expect it. My dear son Chris, when so down, would out of the blue have some improvement, however minor, which would encourage him to keep trying.

You and Ian are in my prayers daily.