Jan 24, 2012

a good man

"you were almost dead. and now you're not."

"i needed you."

in my recent personal writings, and as i have thought back to the hospital, the therapies, sitting by a silent hospital bed, i have come to realize that i won't ever be able to capture in words what ian is to me. or what he is to our family. or the glory that god reveals of himself through ian. i can try to honor him and i can share the incredible faith that he has through this blog. but i'm not sure there are words to be put into sentences that can share fully what is most treasured about my husband. he has lost so much but he loves so much. he is a good man, just like his dad. he endures his life with kindness. and he loves me so very well.

tonight, a quiet date night, no fancy meals, just sweatpants and stillness, i am so very thankful for this man. and i am so glad that when we do someday part, it won't be for long.

thank you, for praying for my best friend.

with love


tonidee said...

I believe that both of your stories are some of the most inspiring present day stories around. You each have incredible amounts of perseverance. I am so very thankful you continue to share your journeys.

Anonymous said...

This is a picture of God's love, and your contentment in HIS love!! HE continues to bless you both, and gives you daily strength. ♥♥ Rene

abbi said...

my thoughts are always turned toward the Lord when I read your blog. I honor Ian for his faith and love. Praying for you.

Leslie Dawn said...

A-men Larissa! "The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way."~Psalm 37:22-24