Jan 4, 2012

forgiven much

luke 7:47 therefore I tell you, her sins which are many, are forgiven - for she loved much. But he who is forgiven little, loves little.

thinking on this passage during this cold Pennsylvania morning, snuggled with our bible and a cup of tea, i glanced up at the photo above our blue piano. all of my bridesmaids, smiling and loving much because they have been forgiven much. the girl in white, me, i think that i have been forgiven the most. what i was before i was saved and before i knew most of these girls, was depraved. but because jesus died for me, and because god now sees me as he sees jesus, completely washed white as snow, i am able to love much. and that's why these girls stood with me, along with guests at our wedding, and that is why we are able to love much. they all continue to pursue hard after god, for they know they have been forgiven much. their prayers and love carried us to that day in august. we weren't saved because we love much - we love much because we were forgiven so very much, forgiven more than our hearts know.

i want this to be a mark of our marriage - loving much. not because ian or i deserve it, or deserve a marriage like that. but because it should be a natural response flowing out of the forgiveness we have received.

thank you, always, and for loving much.



Anonymous said...

Thanks you for this reminder and your story which displays the Gospel's love in action.
Wendy in MD

Barbara said...

May we go on and on and on in loving much! Thanks, Larissa.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful way with words! Because you live these words, you can proclaim them. Larissa, have you ever thought of writing a book? You and Ian inspire us and I am sure your story would inspire many others. Just a thought.
With continued prayers, Rene