Dec 21, 2011


Ian told me that I should post about gratefulness. Today's is simple, really.

"Ian I wish I had something interesting to tell you about my day."

"tell me anything about your day and it will be interesting to me."

Today, I'm
just glad that he can talk and that we made it through the years that he couldn't.

Thank you, always.


Jenny said...

Bless you

Anonymous said...

Hey Larissa and Ian,
you don't know me, I found your blog some month ago... somehow wrote something about American weddings and was linked to an article about yours and so I ended here... and it 's soooo encouring to read your blog. Really, amazing. I don't really pray for you, as I am not really Christian or believing or whatever, but I think of you a lot and am so impressed by your love.... towards each other, for God, for your friends, your family .. your way of leading your life - daily life, in difficult situations -is encouring. It puts everything in a "right perspective" - people stress themselves so often or are angry with each other or get sad and frustrated about so "small and little" things , when there are more "severe" problems on the other hand and then there are people like you who cope with them. more or less probably, but apparently you don't lose hope and go on and on and on ... that's great! go on like this! I will continue to follow your blog. A big hallo from GERMANY - Tina

Brandon and Beth said...

this post made me tear up. how wonderful! :)
and such a blessing just that little conversation was.

Anonymous said...

Larissa, God is so good! We have much to be grateful for each and every day. May the you and Ian, AND your wonderful family have a blessed Christmas, as we receive the best GIFT ever!! Rene

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful Ian is here and you are here. I'm grateful for finding your blog even though I'm not grateful for the accident that caused the blog in the first place. I'm grateful you continue to update it and I'm grateful that your love for God has flowed through this blog and I'm grateful because of the comfort and God-love I feel when I read it. I know God is watching over me no matter what happens, as he is watching over you and Ian, and for that I am most grateful.

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

A thousand thank yous for your gratefulness -- and all thanks to Christ alone, Him your hope and joy and righteousness....

This moved me deeply.

All's grace,