Sep 11, 2011

as we gathered for worship this morning in church, as children of god, and objects of his love, my heart was drawn to the sadness that still surrounded us. broken and failing bodies, suffering relationships, chronic illness. my church isn't immune to deep sorrow and loss. god's children were never promised that. and the more we live, the more we will see this sorrowful pattern. we can't build walls to protect ourselves against tragedy. we can try to live cautiously, but our actions can't alter god's hand. some days i think that i understand the truths in suffering. but most days i dont. but as the our blog title says, now we know in part. our dad, steve, now knows fully. some day ian and i will too. the intersection of god's sovereign love and our loss will make sense - fully.

until then we have to keep trusting and rejoicing in all that god is, despite what we can't figure out or know. i have a feeling that we will make our way to heaven very wearied. but that might just be the best way to go.

thank you for praying


Anonymous said...

So true.... Not much more to say.
Yes, Our journey is long, but the end is SO worthwhile.
AND Yes, we will be weary, but our joy will overflow!
P.S. love the picture - you two look so happy. Rene
P.S.S. So happy for Caleb- we love him!!

Anonymous said...

Continuing to pray for strength and comfort and joy for you both.

denise* paper angels said...

reminded me of this quote by hudson taylor:

Well, it is but a little while and He will appear to answer all enigmas and to wipe away all tears. I would not wish, then, to be of those who had none to wipe away, would you?