May 30, 2011

We had a fantastic three-day weekend, kicked off by a great wedding between our friends Mike and Jocelyn, followed by traveling to my sister's to see her son be dedicated to the Lord. And it ended today with a few hours in a pool and relaxing on the porch.

I've been reminded often recently of how full our lives are and our marriage is. Even though it's a battle every day to be content in God and a continuing struggle to learn to accept Ian's disability, God has filled our lives to the brim with faithful family and friends. We have five nieces and nephews under the age of five, Murphy and Whiteley families that love us to death, and our house is never empty of friends. We have lived through a long season of feeling isolated that only intense disability can bring, only to find a beautifully filled life waiting on the other side. so thank you to all of our incredible family and friends for loving us so well.

here's to what hopefully becomes a great summer.


p.s. is it just me, or do ian and i look like we could be related in this pic??


Meg said...

Wonderful and joyful!

Oh my gosh just wait new bride, you only start looking more alike as the years go on! There is no avoiding it. :)

Michelle said...

Haha, I second Meg. There is no way around it...married couples always start to look alike, if the process didn't already start during engagement or even courtship.

Loving the stories of God's faithfulness to you.

homeseed said...

hello there!

i follow andrew & carissa's blog and was led to yours from them. you and ian have a beautiful story. thank you for being so transparent about the truth of your love amidst the roller-coastery life that we all live. also, i am a paper goods designer and follow lots of different wedding blogs/sites and i must say, you really did an incredible job with yours!!! it looks like it was such a beautiful celebration :)

i hope this finds you well :)