Sep 11, 2010

Chris Fabry Update Broadcast

Here is a link to an update broadcast that we did on Chris Fabry Live. We did the original recording in March and were asked to do an update for a Labor Day broadcast. Once you follow the link, click on "hour 2" on the right hand side.

Chris Fabry Live

Can't wait to see and share our photos!



Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see more pictures.

Wendy in MD

Lucy and Rod Goshow said...

Hi Larissa & Ian,

I enjoyed listening to the broadcast. You continue to be a positive influence on many!!!! We pray things are going well for you!
Lucy & Rod

Anonymous said...

It's hard in the beginning (and sometimes also in the middle). I wish someone had reminded me that it is ok for it to be hard.

If things are a bit hard right now, that is ok. One foot in front of the are walking into a great thing.