Aug 18, 2010

Ian fell today and fractured his humerus. He, as usual, was believing truth about God even while waiting in the ER. I asked him how he felt about breaking a bone 9 days before our wedding, and he said "my left arm says that god is sovereign." (the fracture was on his right arm, which he doesn't have much use of since the accident. if the break had been on his right arm, he would be in much worse shape).

please pray that he would not be in pain and that his recovery would be quick. he will have a sling for 4-8 weeks.

thank you, as always.



Lydia said...

Praying for no pain, quick healing, and a blessed wedding day!

Anonymous said...

Praying with and for you both. Also rejoicing with you in anticipation of your wedding!

Christ's love and joy to you,
mel and phil

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear this news but so glad that it surely won't stop a wonderful wedding in 9 days!
Praying for you both-
Wendy in MD

Anonymous said...

My husband broke his foot the Sunday before our wedding. He walked down the gravel isle (it was an outside wedding as yours will be) in his crutches...and it couldn't have been more perfect. Your wedding will be everything you hope it will be because you will have His blessing. Happy Wedding!

Bernadine said...

So sorry about this news. I'll be praying for Ian's swift recovery.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Ian! God is still sovereign. I'm praying for you two and love you dearly. Can't wait to praise God at your wedding:)
~cousin bek

Ellen T said...

Praying for healing and mobility! Love you.

Anonymous said...

Ian, we're praying for you-quick healing and continued yieldedness to the Lord.
we love you-Aunt Terry

deb said...


I feel your pain Ian!! I fell down my back steps and broke a bone in my ankle on the SAME DAY as you. Kindred bone spirits?? I think so!! Prayers from my ankle to your humerus!!

In HIS love-

Deb and Family!

Lisa said...

Dear God,

Please bring a speedy recovery. Receive much glory through this!!

In Jesus Name,