Aug 2, 2010

26 days!!!!!

i've been blown away by the generosity of our friends, especially you bloggers who haven't met us but still bless us with such generous wedding gifts. god is so kind to constantly provide for us.

thank you all for your love and care for us

p.s. can't wait to see this little guy as our ring bearer!



Leah said...

Wow :) Time is flying! I hope the next few weeks before the wedding are stress free :)

Leah from Reading, PA

Anonymous said...

This little one is just too cute. I do hope you post a you tube of you both coming down the isle for those of us who won't be there!
Excited for you both.
Wendy in MD

Anonymous said...

Ian and Larissa,

I just wanted to let both of you know how encouraging you are! I haven't been able to read through the whole bolg, but just the last few posts, and skimming through I see recovery and now it's time for a wedding! My husband and I were in a bad car accident in February and tomorrow it's been 6 months. It's been a long journey, but how encouraging to see how far you've come Ian! Praise God! Anyways, thank you for letting the Lord shine through ya! :)

Emily said...

Just wanted to let you know how excited I am. I followed your blog for a few years. And I happen to be getting married on the same day as you ... 16 days! :-)