Jun 23, 2010

Our Biggest Advocate

Steve was our number one advocate for marriage. He knew that there were many reasons why we would decide to not get married, and he understood them. But he even more strongly could see that the Gospel was bigger than the difficulties that we would face as a married couple. He so longed to see us married. He believed wholeheartedly that God would sustain and bless our marriage.

Missing Steve today and every day and wishing he were here for August 28.



Amber said...

Steve will be there...trust me he'll be there. You both will feel him on August 28th. I promise.
God knows the desires of your heart.

Ellen T said...

I miss him too and know that he would be very happy for you.

babydoc said...

Strange that I've met him only on this side of my laptop here in England across the ocean from you, but I 'miss' Steve too.

Liz, UK

babydoc said...

p.s. I really do love the new blog picture, totally stunning. x

Lisa said...

God must think that you've either grown enough to stand by Ian's side without Steve's support, OR that there will be other support. Either way, God knows what He's doing!

Anonymous said...


Amen, Missing Steve today and every day.