May 11, 2010


This weekend, my family helped me to move into the future Murphy residence. It is so fun to be able to set up a home that will eventually be for Ian and I. It encourages me when I look back on how far we have come- the fact that we can live on our own is a miracle. I need to keep looking back to give me faith to look ahead.

Thank you for always praying. 4 months and counting.....



Anonymous said...

YAH for the move! May God give you fresh faith to believe His promises to you! Still checking in once a week or so, always encouraged by your posts. L, hope your new job is going well.

Anonymous said...

so happy for you. praying for much more joy to come.

babydoc said...

Counting down with you, still gonna find time to write you a hand written letter...just difficult to find time amidst ER shifts at the mo, but 6 more days and I'll be off for 10days and I hope to write you guys a letter from England!!!

Liz, UK x