Apr 7, 2010

"You that are lowest on the scale of visible joy, you that are broken like a shipwreck, you that are a mass of pain, you that are in poverty, will you give your Lord a good word? Will you say, 'Though He slay me, yet I will trust him.'

At our worst, we are better off than the world at its best. Godly poverty is better than unhallowed riches. Our sickness is better than our sinner's health. Our depression is better than the earth's honors. We consider it better to suffer pain equal to the torture of death than bathe in sin's pleasures. We will take God at all the discount you can put on Him. You can have the world with all the compound interest that you are able to get from such a sham.......

Sorrowful yet always rejoicing. Do you know this paradox? Some of us have known it for many years."

- Beside Still Waters

Headed to Pittsburgh today to see an orthopedic surgeon about Ian's knee. Hoping for some options, but the reality is there probably are none.

It's amazing how much we spend on trying to fix our bodies- bodies that aren't meant to last forever.

Thanks for praying



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.
Praying still-
Wendy in MD

Lisa said...

What a beautiful post... thanks.