Apr 19, 2010

Ian had an appointment today with his neurosurgeon who did his original emergency surgery. On the same floor, just down the hall from the ICU that both Ian and Steve had brain surgery in. Hated to be there. And making me cry on so many levels, the doctor told Ian that he is the sickest patient he has ever had who has survived.

So glad he's alive. Wish Steve were too.



Anonymous said...

our hearts are with you all.

Lisa said...

Ian is a surviver through prayer! Many people have been lifting him up to God. I'm certain the doctors have to see that!

babydoc said...

Sorry for you Larissa

Liz, UK

Anonymous said...

Ian still here. Steve gone. Sometimes, we just don't understand what the Lord is doing or why things happen, yet.....we still choose to Believe and we still choose to Trust. Trust in the ONE who does make sense! And, some day, it will all be understood.

Blessings and prayers sent your way. May the Lord bless you and keep you all!!

deb said...

Larissa, this post gave me chills, and brought me to tears, as I was told EXACTLY the same thing by my son's neurosurgeon 6 years ago. We are farther along on the Brain Injury Journey (it will be 8 years on June 12th of this year), and Chris continues improving even now. NEVER stop praying and hoping.