Mar 22, 2010

o death! why dost thou touch the tree beneath whose spreading branches weariness hath rest? Why dost thou snatch away the excellent of the earth, in whom is all our delight? If thou must use thine axe, use it upon the trees which yield no fruit; thou mightest be thanked then. But why wilt thou fell the goodly cedars of Lebanon? O stay thine axe, and spare the righteous. But no, it must not be; death smites the goodliest of our friends; the most generous, the most prayerful, the most holy, the most devoted must die. And why? It is through Jesus' prevailing prayer—"Father, I will that they also, whom Thou hast given Me, be with Me where I am." It is that which bears them on eagle's wings to heaven. Every time a believer mounts from this earth to paradise, it is an answer to Christ's prayer.... Lord, Thou shalt have them. By faith we let them go."


I asked Ian tonight how ready he is for heaven and he said a ten out of ten. When I asked him why, he said because he doesn't want to sin anymore. I can't imagine the pains and stings that Ian's future death will bring, just as we couldn't anticipate them with Steve, but there will be nothing more bittersweet than knowing he is with the Lord. For Ian's sake, I can't wait for him to meet Christ. And I'm glad I get to be with him until then. I often pray that he gets to go first.

Thank you, always, for praying.


Anonymous said...

Such bittersweet words. Words of truth that Pierce to the marrow of our being. How I miss Steve. We love you Larissa. Send my love to Mary, Eileen

Lisa said...

You have a good sense of what that looks like... more than most people, I think. It's obvious that God is sustaining you!

Anonymous said...

I miss Steve so much. I thought that I will get over this by now, but not so. I cry each time I want to start a new project at home, because Steve used to help me in all of them. I cry so much when I look inside Steve’s car and I cannot find him. I yearn for a glimpse of his beautiful smile, when I do not find it, I ask again “Why God”. I have not yet gotten a satisfactory answer to my “why God” question, may be when I meet Steve in the life after, I will understand. I love you Steve and I miss you so very much.