Mar 9, 2010


yeah, about the photos...we might as well have fun in the hospital i guess

Feeling exhausted on many levels, I was especially encouraged tonight by Ian's faith. We were reading Psalm 3 and I started asking him what mercy looks like to him. Looking at his life, he would have many temptations to overlook God's examples of mercy on him. But, once again, I was encouraged by his faith. Here's a bulleted list of what Ian said mercy looks like in his life and his thoughts on mercy:

- having a wheelchair for free, because without it I would have to stay in one place
- having a van
- the fact that I have friends
- that i have a fiance

to sum it up, he said "it's wonderful to have His grace and mercy." this coming from a man who is enduring very humbling experiences every single day and is thinking this clearly during a hospital stay.

glad i get to spend my life with him, lord willing



Maureen said...

I love that Ian sees the important things. I'm sad that he can't be out with Mike and Davey helping with the shoot this week but I am glad the docs are trying hard to get him well. We're praying that he overcomes this hindrance and that your wedding will come off without a hitch. Blessings from the Hartnetts

Anonymous said...

What a holy moment I just had in my kitchen as I was listening to the interview that you, Larissa, had on Chris Favery Live Radio Show. We have been praying for you, Ian & family over the years. You two have been used greatly by our Heavenly Father's mighty hands!
~Karla from Akron OH

Anonymous said...

I just want you both to know that I love your story, it has all the elements of life...its an awesome testimony of God's faithfulness and unfailing love. I thank God that he is with you and I believe in Jesus name on your wedding day the angels of God will be celebrating with you! I AM PRAYING FOR YOU & IAN!!! I rejoice with you and I pray that God will richly bless your lives!!!