Feb 4, 2010

Please pray for my therapy and energy.

Thanks for praying.



Mike, Lori & the girls said...

Hey Ian & Larissa,
I just read Romans 8:6 this morning, "the mind controlled by the Spirit is life & peace". I pray that God would breath in LIFE not only to your mind but to each muscle & joint & cell in your body as you do the hard work in your PT sessions. And I pray that both of your minds would be full of God's enduring peace today.
love both of you!
Aunt Lori

Transitions and Trends said...

did they find out about the loss of energy?
bekah kessler ( walker)

Anonymous said...

Still praying!
I don't have all your physical challenges but my energy was low and they found out I hardly had any vitamin D in my body. The doc. put me on 50,000 units of D2 weekly and within three months my blood work came back normal and I was feeling tons better. Don't know if this is any small piece of the larger puzzle for you....just thought I'd throw it out there. Thanks for sharing and we will keep praying for you and your entire family.

Anonymous said...

Still praying here. Love you all. Lotinskys

Joy Z said...

Absolutely! You got it. It is my priviledge to continue to pray for you.