Feb 16, 2010


One of the biggest ripples of Steve's death is how it's changed our longing for heaven. Ian and I know that the ultimate joy of heaven is Christ. We get that. But we can't help but be just as excited, if not more, to see Steve again and experience his perfect love for us. Steve is not more important than Christ, but Ian and I have a very clear understanding of what Steve's love for us was here on earth. To counter that, sometimes it's really hard to understand God's love and sometimes doesn't feel as tangible as the love we have from our earthly father. Steve is Ian's dad. Steve was a father figure to me, second only to my own dad. Steve loves us now with a perfect, sinless love. We think about how well he cared for us on earth, multiply that by a million, and that is the perfect love that he has stored up for us just waiting to shower us with when we get to heaven with him.

I asked Ian if this train of thought is unbiblical, and he said it's not, because we have such finite minds. Steve's love for us on earth is a reflection of Christ's love for us. Steve's death should make us long for heaven more. Gosh, we can't wait to see him again.

We talked about heaven tonight, and when I asked Ian what he's looking forward to about heaven, he said "what isn't there to look forward to?" He then told me that he's excited for a new body. I can't wait for that.

Thank you all for praying. Wanting heaven more and more each day.



Andrea said...

Hi Larissa. I've been a lurker here since shortly before Steve's passing. My niece sent me to this site, I promptly saved it in my favorites and have kept you all in my prayers since then.

I'm posting today b/c I want to share with you how this blog has touched yet another life, namely mine. As I mentioned above, I began reading the blog shortly before Steve's passing. My own father was diagnosed with non-small cell carcinoma on October 15, 2009 and passed away from it on December 13, 2009. My father did not have the assurance of salvation that Steve had, however, I'm confident that the Lord saved him at some point in his life... I believe it was shortly before his death... even through his death.

Reading this blog has been almost therapeutic for me, and I thank you for keeping up with it and blessing so many through your great trials... those trials triumphantly overcome through Christ, and those you are currently enduring for His glory... considering it all joy and seeing the blessings in the storms.

Today's post reminded me of one I had posted about my father during Christmas time and I thought it may be encouraging to you. I am going to link you to it.

I'm not sure if you post links here, but I wanted to share this with you. I'm also not certain that you'll even want to share this with your readers, but I felt compelled to send the message to you personally.

Peace and Blessings to all of you,
~ Andrea

Anonymous said...

Your testimony gives a glimpse into heavens spendor. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Ian-what isn't there to look forward to?

I'm looking forward to all of that, too.


Sharon said...

Our Friday morning ladies group read through Randy Alcorn's book entitled "Heaven."

While reading through it, I realized a had previously had a very small view of what Heaven would be like....lacking imagination. Randy A's biblical references on Heaven allowed me to widen my knowledge and imagination of all that Heaven holds...

Lisa said...

I'm looking forward to being your friend in Heaven!

cathy said...

I've been following Ian's progress on this blog for several years now. So happy about the upcoming nuptials! Thank you for this post about heaven. Next week will be 2 years since my brother was killed in a coal mining accident at age 50. I long for the day I can see him again in heaven and now, I don't feel so bad about having those thoughts. This life is truly just a mist, a brief vapor if you will, preparing us for the glory that awaits us when we will worship the Almighty King forever....

Anonymous said...

Ian, you are SO right:
"what isn't there to look forward to?"
No eye has seen and no ear has heard and no mind has ever conceived...

Have you ever not seen a friend for a while and when you see your friend again, it's like no time has passed between you?...you just pick up right where you left off!
Since we will be in heaven for all eternity, I think there is no passage or measure of time in heaven...like we'll get there and Steve will just turn around and say, "Oh, hi!" as if he's just seen us a little bit ago...
well, that's my imagination, anyway!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

If Steve was a father figure for you, he was a brother figure for me. Lately, I had the opportunity to walk into the Murphy’s driveway a few times. Each time, I peeked inside Steve’s car, I yearn so much to seeing his beautiful face but when I do not see it, I weep and ask: “Why God”. I did not get a satisfactory answer and I do not think that I will ever get one in this life – may be in the life after when Steve tells me about his reunion with God.
On another note, love your story in the paper, loved the pictures and look forward to the big day. Love.