Jan 19, 2010

A few people have asked where to send wedding gifts. By no means at all is this post meant as an ask to our readers- please don't misunderstand. We just don't have any other way to communicate with the few people who have asked through comments.

For the few people who did leave a comment about gifts, they can be sent to:
Ian Murphy
Sovereign Grace Church
1220 Wayne Avenue
Indiana, Pa. 15701.

If it is a monetary gift, please write Murphy Wedding in the memo.

Thank you. That sure was an awkward post to write! :)


Anonymous said...

You are so sweet! :D Being one of those that asked for the info, I very much appreciate the post.

Sending Florida sunshine your way,

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I was wondering how/where we could send a gift.

For all of us who followed your posts, been encouraged by your example, and are praying for you - this is a great and tangible way for us to say thank you and to bless you and Ian on your wedding day.

Anonymous said...

awkward for you maybe, but helpful for the rest of us who love you guys.

Joy Z said...

Thank-you! I was also wondering how to send a gift. Please don't feel akward! We love you guys even though we have never met you and feel honored to be a part of your lives. SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We love you Larissa and Ian. We are so happy about your marriage! I think it will be the best wedding in the entire world. Better than that, the best couple we've ever known. Right up there, with Mary and Steve. All I love, Eileen and Wayne