Dec 17, 2009

2008 Christmas card.
We're going away until the 28th so we won't be posting anything new.
Hope everyone has a nice holiday.
Ian and Larissa


Anonymous said...

God's blessings on you this Christmas!

Still Praying.

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

Please have a safe and enjoyable trip. Merry Christmas. We love you
Vania, Selar and Azad

thorny said...

Great photo!!! May the Lord continue to show you the gift of His son, Jesus, in your lives.

babydoc said...

A truly happy Christmas to you all, I look forward to getting to know you more next year, if the Lord allows.

Liz, UK

Anonymous said...

Truly is the Joy of Christmas showing up here. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Love the card-I wish all of you the best for the holidays.
Wendy NC