Nov 23, 2009

Steve from 2008:

"God knows and controls the outcome of Ian's situation, and somehow it's good, though I don't understand how. When I look up to Him through my sadness wondering how things went so wrong for Ian and Larissa and I recognize that He is compassionately and confidently rejoicing despite Ian's circumstances, I can draw strength from that.The Lord's joy is my strength."

Still isn't real that he can't write on this blog anymore.


Lisa said...

Hadn't thought about it that way before... thanks.

Vicki said...

It isn't real for me either... it just seems like Steve is on a really long vacation. There have been so many things I have wanted to tell Steve... funny things at work, questions about my adoption process... I just can't get my mind wrapped around this. It doesn't seem real...

I am praying for all of you... I don't know what else to do... so I will pray.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for continuing to write...

Anonymous said...

Throughout all the different postings in this blog, I feel that I neglected to give long due credit for someone very special.
Mary, throughout the many trials you are going through, you have been tremendous inspiration to us in more ways than one. Despite all the challenges you faced, you held steadfast in your faith and you never complained, or asked “why”. You are tremendous inspiration in what you do (and sometimes when you choose not to do). You are an incredible inspiration in what you say (and sometimes when you choose not to say). I just want to tell you how marvelous example you set in the way you dealt with adversary. I am sorry that I did not mention it enough in the past, but just be assured that you are special to all of us and you set prime example of love, faith and true family. I feel so blessed to have you as my neighbor.
One more thing Mary, did I say you are a tremendous inspiration, let me say it again please: Mary, you are MARVELOUS and SPECTACULAR INSPIRATION to all of us. God Bless you. Continuously praying.
Azad and Family

Anonymous said...

i miss you all so much and i am still praying for each of you every day. i love yall.
through your lives i am remembering this thanksgiving that i am grateful for the hope Christ promises...the hope that secures our adoption as sons and daughters and never lets us go, even when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
your lives are touching more than you know. every time i go to church someone comes up to me and asks about you. when i tell them all that has happened they are amazed at your faith and i believe that it has helped many to understand the reality that as Christians our lives are not guaranteed to be fact as Paul said through beatings and chains, "To live is Christ, to die is gain."
whether you realize it or not, your lives have helped many believers to be more Kingdom-minded and expectant for their eternal home.
love you all and wish i could be with you,
cousin rebekah

Anonymous said...

I wanted to wish you all a wonder- FULL Thanksgiving. You and myself have much to be thankful for. May God continue to bless each and everyone of you. Keep up the good work Ian. I love to see your progress. With continued prayers, Rene