Apr 8, 2009

Sorry that we haven't posted for awhile. Ian and I are working on one though and will hopefully get it posted soon.

Thank you for praying



Anonymous said...

No Worries --- we will wait for as long as it takes! We love you guys! :) and Hope you're having a great week!

-- The Yocums in State College :)
Some people out there still believe my name is "kisner!!!' :)

Anonymous said...

No need to apologize! We still pray for you anyway! It is a privelge to see a post and not a necessity-please do not feel obligated if the Lord has you doing other things in life!
When you do post-it is a treat, but does not make me pray less when you do not post! Have a lovely Easter!
Wendy, NC

Anonymous said...

"...are working on one..."

Oh, yeah, just keep us in suspense!

Always look forward to your posts and always praying!

Easter Blessings!

Mary Ann K.

Leslie said...

Happy Easter.
Love in Christ from the mom of 22 y.o. Laurie whose in a coma at home. And progressing.
With God all things are possible.
He holds the future.
He raised the dead; He can change me.
Love in Christ,
Leslie the mom
Lake Joy Carnation, Wa

beth said...

love you