Apr 28, 2009

Ian has asked that we pray for his clarity of thought and his initiation.

Thank you, always.



Sarah said...

These are wonderful prayer requests.
I'll be praying.
~Sarah (Lancaster)

amy brink said...

praying praying praying!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ian & Larissa-

Every time I read this blog I am continually amazed at the work of God.I recently had a friend whose mother died in an unexpected way and there were tempatations as to why, the our pastor gave a message in which God helped me to see why this happened the way it did--so that her mother's death would point us to Christ. I believe the same about what happened to Ian-God allowed this for his glory. Ian & Larissa God has used both of you to point MANY to Christ. Thank You for being faithful with what God has given you.

John Q said...

Praying for this request as well.