Mar 22, 2009

He Doesn't Stop

Each day Ian comes home with a list of things that he has said with his voice in therapy. Last night he was using his voice while we were out to dinner to tell me and the waiter what kind of beer he wanted. Ian has said several times that he's really close to being back to full speech.

Ian is a picture of Christ to me in his obedient response to what the Father has given him. And he is obviously fighting to control temptations to untruth- if he weren't, his response to therapy, Bible reading, going places, would be much different. Thank you, Ian, for your faithful example:)

Thank you, always, for praying.



Anonymous said...

We're so grateful to God for the encouraging reports. Go, Ian! We continue to pray for you daily.

~The Sweigarts

Anonymous said...

Way to go Ian! You order your beer and anything else you want! You all definitely have reason to rejoice with our Lord!

Wendy, NC

Anonymous said...

Yes! So many of us are still reading the blog daily and praying too. Ian, we are so inspired by you and your diligence. God is good. Lotinskys

Anonymous said...

It's spring now...winter is over...but it sounds like Ian's progress is "snowballing"!!!

Go Ian!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

Joy Z said...

Wow! This is amazing! In just a short while going from a word to almost being back at full speech?!?! So delighted to hear the great progress. And above all thankful to God for his goodness to you!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear that voice! And so excited that it is here!

Aunt Terry

Anonymous said...

Praise be to Christ, our friend and lover of our souls.

Grateful for the encouraging reports you share. I was thrilled to see his first post and read all that has been happening.
He is making both of you the precious jewels he wants you to be.

Praise God.


Anonymous said...

This is so WONDERFUL ! I am happy for all of you ..Phyllis

Anonymous said...

"Into your hands I commend my spirit" should be our response to all things that happen to us in life.

Cheers to you and your beer Ian!

God will bless

Minori Family

Kristi said...

How encouraging!!

Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I've checked the blog and thought, "I'll go see what progress Ian is making." Again, I am amazed and thank the Lord. Ian is speaking! Praise the Lord!
Sara B.

Marshall said...


I thank God for you. He has given you amazing courage and determination. I can tell that you are fighting with all your strength to speak, and that inspires me! I want to fight the fight of faith in my own life like that.

Anonymous said...

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really want to thank the Lord! He gives us all in due season: sun and rain and wind and snow. He lets us see glimpses of His majesty in everyday things and in miracles. "Now, we see as in a mirror darkly, but then face to face." I am reminded often that, difficult and long as our trials are, they are short in the face of eternity. Thank you all for the wonderful updates, the new answers to prayer, the ups and downs so that we can pray more effectively. Thank You, Lord, for these great strides.