Feb 8, 2009

"God's majesty never imples his remoteness from those who look to him; it implies instead his exhaustive attention to detail, and his inexhaustible ability to care for his faithful." ESV Study Bible notes to Psalm 113.
We read this in our quiet time yesterday and I asked Ian if he had any specific examples of that of his life. Right away he mouthed "my speech." It really affected me that even tho this has been a particularly hard and frustrating week of speech therapy for Ian, he knows that God is paying specific attention to the detail of his speaking.
Ian then told me that speech has been the hardest therapy he's ever worked on and it's the one he wants the most. It motivates me to pray for that to be worked out in him more. Specific prayers would be that we would both have much grace and patience with each other as many times I can't figure out what he's trying to tell me. Also, that Ian would be able to get his voice working more and more often as he's mouthing words.
Here are some recent pics from a trip to Pittsburgh. Thank you for praying.



Anonymous said...

WOW, Ian you are looking better and better with each picture I see. And I never met you, but I am honored to be able to pray for you, Larissa and your family. As I have said before - my specific prayer is that your voice will come back soon, but in God's good time. With continued prayers, Rene

Anonymous said...

thank you ian and larissa for the update. my dad had a strokemany years ago. communicatation was just as you described. my family and i learned more and more to speak the language of love.
keep up the hard work.
serving an 'unseen' God( but very real ) in sullivan county..and praying for you all.

Jack and Gina Plain said...

Thanks for keeping us informed. Praying for Ian's speech and patience and grace for both of you and the whole family.

Anonymous said...

It seems like just yesterday we were praying for you Ian to be alive-it is absolutley wonderful that we are now praying for your speech to return for ease in communication! Keep up the great work! It was wonderful seeing a video of you-hope they are posted more often! May God continue to heal you from the inside out and give Larissa and your family the patience and grace they need when relearning your particular communication levels!

Wendy, NC

Sharon said...

Thanks for the video and pictures, Larissa! Yes, I will be praying with you that God's majesty will be seen -- and heard in Ian's speech improvement. Blessings on your week,

Sarah said...

It is wonderful to see God provide grace for each day, and to see how far Ian has come that he is now able to directly work on his speech!
Praying for patience and perseverance.
Sarah Sensenig -Lancaster