Dec 15, 2008

ian-proud winner of the care group ugly christmas sweater contest. and the red polka dot scarf has nothing to do with it but is compliments of a four-year-old sister.
i really thought that ian was just going to bust out of this and start talking non stop today. he looked really, really good- alert and communicating with us a lot. thankful for the encouragements during a very hard time of year.
thank you,


Sharon said...


Encouraging you during this is hard on a lot of us, even those who believe and have hope -- I don't wish to compare my lot with you and the Murphy family, but hope you know that by your continual posts, we can bring those requests to our loving and gracious Father, who hears and answers our prayers -- in ways that surprise us by His power and majest. Blessings on your week,

Sarah said...

He looks really great in those photos!

~Sarah (Lancaster)

the halls said...

I just am so thrilled that God brought you two together for His glory! We are praying here for a voice- and I believe it's coming!

aunt terry

Anonymous said...

Ian looks so good, especially in the second photo--his eye contact is super! Wonderfully encouraging. Continuing in prayer for Ian and you all (Murphys and Larissa).
A sister in Christ

Anonymous said...

Still praying and waiting with great excitement to see what the Lord will do. In the picture it looks like Ian is trying to communicate something funny about you! Thanks for sharing these encouraging pictures. Please keep the updates coming.
Praising the Lord for Ian's continual progress!!
Wendy in MD

Anonymous said...


That was by far one of the ugliest sweater/sweatshirt combinations I've seen.

Well done my good man.

Although, I think voting for yourself may have been bad form. :)


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the winner and his right hand girl!!!, if the Lombardi trophy is for the Super Bowl, what kind of trophy does one win for an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" contest? I'm picturing a sort of doll size stick figure with a little sweater one it...full of holes and one arm longer than the other. HA!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

Hi Larissa,

The last time I saw you was two years ago at our IUP graduation. I remember the hope in your voice the last time we talked. Everytime I read your entries I get more impressed and inspired by your unwavering strength and love. I think about the two of you often and wanted to take a minute to wish you and Ian an extremely happy new year (and life) together.

Katie Klinsky
(from Randy Jesick's classes)

mary kate said...

he looks FANTASTIC! seriously, there is so much personality & life in those photos!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ian looks great and so do you, Larissa! I know that sometimes maybe it's hard for you to see progress, but for us that only see pictures once in a while the progress is very visible. Still praying for y'all from Texas...


Anonymous said...

The photos are great-always enjoy seeing new ones!

Wouldn't it be amazing if God would help Ian talk on Christmas Day for you all!

Keep looking up!


Anonymous said...

Larrissa, From the looks of the first picture I think Ian is actually pointing to your sweater...perhaps as the runner up? They are great pictures that inspire hope and prayer.

May you all have a very blessed and peaceful Christmas and a joyous New Year.

The Minori Family

Anonymous said...

Larissa, you humble and inspire me!!! Congratulations Ian on your ugly sweater win!!! I continue to pray that we will all hear Ian's wonderful voice soon!!! By the way, you two look amazing together!! Love ya, Joni