Dec 2, 2008


I will be fasting on Wednesday if anyone wants to join. I'm motivated to pray specifically for Ian's speech. Speaking is very hard work for Ian. I want to pray that God would allow Ian to learn how to talk again as easily as possible and that he would start talking more and more.

Just a note about fasting- it doesn't have to be an entire day without meals. You could skip two meals, just give up coffee, leave out chocolate. Whatever serves as a reminder to pray is a good rule of thumb for me on how to fast.

Thank you, always.



Anonymous said...

I'm with you sweetie, but had my coffee already. God will understand.

He hears our prayers; our faithful God bends low to give ear to our heart's cry for help in time of need.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the fasting clarification, Larissa. I always seem to read the request to fast on the day, rather than before, and have usually eaten, it is nice to know that I can participate in a partial fashion -- and I will be praying for his speech to pour forth. Blessings,

R said...

I read this blog today for the first time. What an incredible blessing. Ian and family are in my prayers.