Sep 12, 2008

Big Day

Ian had a great day at therapy yesterday, which was a really nice gift for Mary's birthday. During speech, he took cheetos from his therapist's hand and fed himself about 5 times. Then he took a cup from her and drank on his own. He also was using his sign with them, which is unusual. He tends to use his sign the most with me and usually won't do it in speech.

Last night we were eating appetizers outside for Mary's birthday and Ian would grab hummus wrapped in a piece of bread and feed himself. He also grabbed his cup from Mary too.

The best part of the day was when we were all sitting out on the patio after dinner. We were having a dance party for Lydia and we started listening to "Globetron." For those that don't know, Globetron was a "band" consisting of Ian, David and Mark Persson. David and Mark, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think all of the songs were probably recorded within a few hours and were completely impromptu. We were listening to Forbidden Love, a song that Ian did the vocals for. We were all laughing really hard and soon Ian broke out into the biggest smile that we've ever seen in the last two years. And that just made us all start laughing even harder. David, I tried to get a picture for you but missed the opportunity:)

I continue to be humbled by Ian's steadfastness and diligence and faith in God. I want to keep praying that he starts talking soon. Advancing in his self-feeding is a huge step toward talking.

Thank you, always


Nick said...

That's really exciting to hear!
I've been praying for you guys for a while - it's very encouraging to read a post with so much great news!

Rachel D said...

I haven't commented in awhile, but just felt the urge to voice my excitement over Ian's good day. May God use it to truly encourage you all! Our Lord is so incredibly faithful, and I pray that He continues to exhibit that faithfulness to you through increasing Ian's strength, equipping you all to serve Ian, and granting ALL of you renewed faith and vigor.

Even those of us who are virtual strangers feel a sense of love for Ian and his family. We will not stop praying until we see Ian healed on this earth, or the Lord returns and makes Ian perfect in the His presence.

Anonymous said...

way to go, ian! and, thank you, Father, for all of this progress!

keep it up-we're praying for you!

-matthieu and amber

ps: wish we could've seen that smile...and heard that song. even the thought of it makes us laugh. miss you.

Anonymous said...

I was praying for this outcome this week - what a gift! Praising Him Who makes all things possible!!!!! Thank you for the updates and looking forward the day to hear Ian sing once again! Until then fervently by your side in prayer!!!

Happy belated Birthday Mary!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you Ian.
Moriah Freeman

Anonymous said...

I love that song! John would play it. How encouraging to think of Ian feeding himself! Happy news.

Cynthia Haughery

Anonymous said...

This just proves God's Love for all of you! Especially Mary-what a wonderful Gift to see such improvement in her son! Keep up the good work Ian!

Anonymous said...

wow, larissa... that's incredible!


sarah a.

Anonymous said...

That's incredible!!!

Keep it up Ian, you're doing such a great job!

the Kims

Anonymous said...

how kind God is to us!
Sara Krull

Anonymous said...

Amen! God is so good.
happy belated birthday mrs. murphy!

-Abba (NJ)

Anonymous said...

Happy happy Day! I'm so glad to hear of progress Ian! God is kind and faithful, isn't He?

Nahomi Dhinakar said...

This is so encouraging. "Thank You Lord."

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Larissa, for such an encouraging post!
Thank You, Lord, for answering our prayers!
Looking forward to reading about even more progess!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

P.S. I'd like to peek into Mary's journal and see what she wrote for this birthday!

Sarah said...

I have not read much lately from your blog, but it is so good to see God's grace evidenced in this growth for Ian!

May your eyes continue to be opened to many more of His blessings and outpourings of grace, and may you continue to see remarkable growth in Ian!

~Sarah Sensenig (Lancaster)

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news! Thanking the Lord, with you, for these encouraging times with Ian. Happy belated birthday to Mary.
Wendy in Maryland

Anonymous said...

How kind of God to continue to send little reminders of His faithfulness to Ian and to you.

-Elaine Jaenke (Lancaster)

Leah said...

Woohooo! So excited for all of you. This is a BIG Step :)

In Him,

Leah (from the SG church in Reading, PA)

Anonymous said...

I am happy for all of you -- I still think of you Indiana PA friend.