Jul 20, 2008

Water boy

On Friday, Ian had another first. One of the therapists wanted to get him in the water, so Mary and Larissa took him to a pool specially designed for therapy where he met the therapist. She and a couple of others began the session by standing him up and "walking him"....outside the pool! Each of them put his arm around them and walked him upstairs in the gym. Then, once in the pool downstairs (about up to his chest) they put water noodles under his arms, and he walked around the pool that way with the assistance of the therapist and floated on his back as well. After a while, Larissa couldn't stand it any more and found a bathing suit and some shorts and jumped in the water with him. He had a very content expression the whole time he was doing it and said he was glad he got in the pool. We don't know yet if he will continue with this therapy.

Thank you for your continual prayers!



Heidi said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. :) Praying here.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Steve!
Your title made me smile!
Sounds more like "fun" than therapy! I'm sure it was "theraputic", though. I picture Larissa writing in her own journal, "Today I went swimming with Ian!"
It sounds like it was a good therapy session for Ian and I vote that it should continue!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can continue the water therapy, it has worked extremely well for our daughter. In the water due to boyancy and pushing with her arms for balance she can walk without any canes. Great, great news and pray that you can continue the therapy!!!! Keep working hard Ian.

God will bless

Minori Family

Anonymous said...

How awesome! I hope he can continue with that type therapy, there is no stress on his body and he can "walk"! May God continue to bless you all and give you hope and joy every day! Rene, Latrobe

Anonymous said...

Ian looked great on Sunday. He held his body up really well and seemed very alert.

I think of how long Jacob waited for Rachel... Gen. 29:20 "So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her."

I pray that the Lord will make this time of waiting seem like only a few days.

Still praying...
Vicki G.

Anonymous said...

I really hope you can continue the water therapy. I use it for arthritis and it is amazing how you can build up muscle stregnth without it being grueling!

My prayers for all of you still!
Wendy NC

Anonymous said...

Awesome, exciting, wonderful therapy. The only kind of exercise I will consider with these old joints! It must feel great for Ian to unwind those tightened limbs and feel that buoyancy keeping him upright. You go Ian and Family! I continue to pray for your progress toward recovery!

PS, Larissa, Swimsuits are on SALE now!
Love Ya!
Barb J, Pa.

Anonymous said...

Tears of joy fill my eyes as I read your blog!! Praising Him for His faithfulness!!! I should never be surprised by His Amazing Grace and Love - His mercies are certainly new every morning!!!!!

I will keep praying and praising!!!!

Oh Lord, our Lord! How Majestic is Thy Name in all the earth! Ps 8

Anonymous said...

Each good news puts more joy in my heart. Thank you for the constant inspiration to pray and grow closer to rhe Lord.
I hope this therapy continues to please and help Ian and that, most of all, it pleases our Lord.
Continuing to pray,

grey_pumpkin said...

that's so fun. glad Ian got to swim. - praying -mike

Anonymous said...

it is wonderful that they keep finding new ways to challenge ian physically....surely they are having an affect on his mental progress as well. it is hopeful in the agonizingly slow process back to wholeness....but, he is progressing. gigi