Apr 16, 2008

Birthday photos

At the end of the day today, Ian said that he had a nice birthay. We had a party and then just hung out on the patio. And just as a disclaimer: as soon as Lydia saw the sombrero in the store she wanted it to be Ian's birthday hat. You should've heard her happy squeal when Ian agreed to wear it. He must really love her...
Ian did really well in therapy today. He was tapping his foot for the therapist to push a Taboo buzzer and also doing the same with his hand.
One last happy 23rd wish, Ian.


single/certain said...

those shades are awesome!!! :)

happy birthday ian!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ian!! Larissa, I just wanted to let you know I think about you, Ian, and his family everyday.

--Erica Marunich

Anonymous said...

at our house we used to have birthday weeks...so happy birthday week, ian. ah, the patio is open! good news.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!
And such nice weather for a "birthday week" on the patio!
Nice sombrero, Ian!
I think your dad should have played the part of a pinata!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures...love the shades and headware!!!

Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday Ian!!!

Keep working hard!!!

Minori Family

Anonymous said...

One more birthday greeting, Ian--from the Donovans @ CLC. Although we've never met you, Larissa, and your family, we feel as if we know you. We continue to pray.
-Lisa Donovan

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures! Ian looks great - especially with the shades and sombrero!! Again, Happy Birthday and many more!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ian! Glad you had a wonderful day! With Larissa and the Murphy's at your side-I am sure it was wonderful! You are looking terrific!
Wendy, NC

Anonymous said...

Laris, you're amazing.

Your faithfulness to Ian is like our Savior's heart towards us. You are totally a huge example in my life, and a hero as well.

I'm so glad I was able to get to know you at NA last year in our small group. What an honor to meet you and see how God's grace has carried you through this season...