Feb 20, 2008


We're fasting today to pray for Ian. 


Anonymous said...

I somehow ran into your website through a friend, and have been reading the posts you all have written. I just want to encourage you all that your faith and trust in God has been a testimony to me, and is a beautiful thing. I will lift up Ian regularly in prayer, and follow along here to watch and read as God is glorified in him and in all of you.


Anonymous said...

Still praying for you all, just about every day. There are certain chores I do at home, that for some reason, remind me to pray for Ian (I know, this is weird!) I think I did them once while thinking of you all, and now they always remind me of you. The past two Wednesdays I have had dreams that Ian is speaking and smiling. I was filled with renewed vision to pray for him. God is caring for you all through the prompting of His people to pray for you. He has not left you nor forsaken you. He has compassion on you and is near to your suffering hearts. I pray that you will feel His love and joy today.
S. Brode