Dec 21, 2007

"you gave me this breath and you gave me this stength"

I can speak for Mary and say that both of us have been encouraged lately by how hard Ian is working to come back to us. He fights his way through therapy every day and he continues to do what we ask him to do. He ate a lot of food this week. He sat in a real office chair at dinner with us last night. He sat up on his mat for an hour last night without using a bar to balance, so it was all his own strength. He read a sentence that I had written and then did what the sentence said.

Even with these little glimpses that Ian is getting better, this is still a very hard time of year. We're been reminding ourselves though of where we were last year at Christmas. Last year was spent in The Children's Institute so we are greatly blessed to have Ian home with us now.

Thank you for all of your prayers. There may be fewer posts over the next few days, so enjoy your holidays!



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Larissa, for the update. It's encouraging to hear of Ian's progress. May God continue to uphold Ian and you all, and bring Ian out of the coma. Grace and joy to you and the Murphy family as you celebrate the gift of our Lord Jesus!
Jan in West Africa

Bernadine said...

I am so happy to hear that there is some progress to encourage you. I will continue to pray for Ian and all of you over the holidays.
God bless

Mark Altrogge said...

Hey Larissa,

These signs of progress are so encouraging. We will keep asking, seeking and knocking....

Thanks for the way you serve Ian so unselfishly! You and the Murphy's are great in the kingdom.