Dec 6, 2007


"Do not leave the throne of grace until all your wants have been spread before the Lord and until by faith you are confident that they will all be supplied."


Ask and it will be given to you. That's what the Bible says to do. But to pray in accordance to God's word. To pray for that which is good. Praying for patience. Praying for provision. Praying for comfort. Praying for healing. Healing is a good thing that God does for us in His mercy. Jesus didn't have to heal people while he was on earth, but he did.

Praying for this healing doesn't mean God has to give it to us. If healing was what Ian was supposed to receive, God would've done it. But for whatever reasons, God has chosen to withold that from us- either temporarily or "permanently." Maybe tomorrow he'll be healed, maybe in ten years he'll be the same that he is now.

Still, it is good to pray. So thank you to all who have done that alongside us for one year, two months, and six days. What a comfort to know that even since the first day at the hospital, when we are too weak to pray, someone else is pleading on Ian's behalf.



Anonymous said...

AND we will continue to pray! along with you all. God's timing is not ours. He will have the last word. Prayers and love,
Rene from Latrobe
P.S. I will be praying, especially this Christmas season, that He will lift your spirits.

Sandy said...

Oh Larissa 'n Murphys, my heart burts with both joy and agony. Joy in the Lord for your steadfast faith and attitude of praise. It simply blows me away. My human heart can hardly stand to see the pain you so bravely endure. I know you would not say you are brave, but Jesus makes you brave, and in Him you stand. A coward sees danger and runs for cover, a brave man/woman sees trial and pain and plows ahead in Jesus name. Courage is stepping forward in faith, through the fear, past the fear and into His arms. I love you all so dearly. Praying for the spoken words to come. Sandy Kimmel

Allison and Shawn said...

God's will is a persistant prayer. I know that it is God's will to heal Ian because that's what He says in His word. He tells us to ask "whatever we wish" and it shall begiven unto those who walk with the Lord. He also tells us to "Rojoice always; pray without ceasing; in everthing give thanks for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." So not only is it "good" to pray, tt's commanded of those who walk with God. Prayer needs to be done with an expectation of receiving from God. We can freely ask the Lord to heal Ian and we can know that it is God's will for Ian's perfect and full restoration. Rejoice always! Pray without ceasing! In everything give thanks! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your beautiful, God-exalting posts. I'm one of those still pleading on Ian's behalf. Darci in FL

Anonymous said...

It has been a wonderful blessing to pray with all of you and to wait expectantly to see what God will do. How our hearts go out to you and how often you are in our thoughts and prayers. May God richly bless you in all you do and may he fill you with joy and happiness even in this great trial. I have been meditating on this verse the last few days. James 1:2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds... pretty hard to do sometimes. May the Lord give us grace and may He heal Ian.

Anonymous said...

Larissa, as I age, I have come to realize life has many ironies. For you and the Murphy's there has been darkness, but you bring light to others. God has granted you wisdom beyond your years and I thank you for sharing this most difficut and painful journey. I will continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.
Linda, Greensburg, PA

Anonymous said...

I amazed by the clear, sound doctrine I read here in light of the darkness you must feel. We continue to pray for healing, continued blind faith and courage. Everyday there is new mercies. My heart aches and I think you even during this season even more.
Diana B.

Marshall Reel said...

I will keep praying. Your faithfulness to Ian amazes me. It is like God is shining through you!

Lynn said...

God will heal Ian, my husband, and me. "By his stripes we are healed." We just have to remember, we have eternity with God, and once we dump this body, the new one has no annoying, frustrating physical flaws. I haven't given up on the idea that God could heal me on earth, too. He can, He might. Depends if that is for my good and his glory.

I do know this, even though I'm planning to live another 54 years, even if I do die at 104, this life is a drop in the bucket compared to eternity. Not even sure how long I'll remember this part of my life. After all, I forgot who my 6th grade teacher was in a mere 40 years, what will we forget after a few hundred in heaven?! No more tears. No more sorrow. He's promised.