Nov 19, 2007

"Nothing teaches us about the preciousness of Creator as much as when we learn the emptiness of everything else. Turning away with bitter scorn from earth's hives, where we find no honey, but many sharp stings, we rejoice in Him whose faithful word is sweeter than honey or the honeycomb. In every trouble we should first seek to realize God's presence with us. Only let us enjoy His smile, and then we can bear our daily cross with a willing heart for his dear sake."

Charles Spurgeon

I want that mindset to rejoice in Him whose faithful word is sweeter than honey...

Ian has been awake for much more of the day now, which provides more opportunity to just hang out with him. I've been thinking lately about how sweet he is with Lydia. If she's on his lap I'll say, "Ian, tickle her arm." And he does! He always reaches for her as soon as she's on his lap. One time she was laying in bed with him so her face was really close to his. He just turned his head and was looking at her so sweetly. He reached over with his arm, as if just to hold her.

These are such sweet tokens to us that Ian is still with us...

Thanks for praying



mike hartnett said...

this is so encouraging to hear Larissa!

praying for you every day Ian


Marshall Reel said...

What you are describing could not be random movements. It sounds like he is aware of what is around him and it is very important to him to move in those ways.

I have known several people in a state similar to Ian's, though not as long. One of them later told me that he could hear everything, it just took tremendous energy to respond. I am guessing that Ian may understand a lot of what you say and do.

There are obviously continual small improvements, so we should prepare for more progress!

I will pray.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture you've painted with your words, Larissa!
Thank you for the encouraging post.
Lydia, dear, you are a blessing to your big brother!

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

I confess that soooo often just want to grumble and complain about my circumstances or even worse, blame someone else. Thank you for the reminder that I should always seek Him first,not just for the big problems of my life but for my daily, moment by moment need of a Savior!
Praising Him for His faithfulness through and in all things and for His greatest gift of love surrendered at Calvary. Keeping you all in prayer and may you continue to have many reminders of His blessings this Thanksgiving.

... all of my days, I want to praise the wonders of Your mighty love...

Anonymous said...

God Bless You during the Thanksgiving season-- Thank you for sharing Ian's day to day accomplishments. You are in my prayers and I hold you close at heart.. Peace to all

sheep wanderer said...

Haven't commented on this in a while.

Still praying and thank you for continuing to post. You continue to encourage me. Alot.

Liz, UK

Sandy said...

I love hearing "Lydia" stories. She is such a joyous little gift. God's ray of sunshine into a world that may seem overcast much of the time. That Ian is feeling and conveying deep affection and enjoyment of her is more that just a sign, it would seem to be evidence of the grace of God in his life in a coma or not. Our fallen world if so full of families who do not know how, or are unwilling to simply love one another. I have been a huge Murphy family fan for almost over 20 years. (Larissa it goes without saying this now include you.) Your unconditional, uncompromsing, and unfailing love for one another comes as no suprise to me. It affirms the existance of a Loving, Caring, and all Susutaining God. I rejoice in my knowledge of Him, and am thankful for the way the lives of my dear friends continute to point me and so many others to His Throne of Grace!!

Anonymous said...

still praying and will continue to do so because HE says to pray without ceasing.
you are precious encourager demonstrating a heart pierced by HIS amazing love.
may 'walking by faith' continue with much grace.
jb and mj